Wayne Hall,

Chief Strength Coordinator of Hall Strengths, began his career in Durham, North Carolina. As a high school senior, Hall received a scholarship to play basketball at Chowan University. While training for collegiate sports, he found a passion for fitness and established the Hall of Fitness gym in 1990, which he owned and operated for over 10 years. Through his passion, Hall has developed a unique system of training to improve power, strength, and agility for pro and collegiate athletes. Through countless hours of coaching and development, his on court drills and shot mechanics have improved player’s release and accuracy during playing time.  

In 1995, Wayne received a Bachelors of Business Administration and Management degree from Shaw University. Hall holds certifications in Strength and Conditioning (CSCC), and Personal Training from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). He is also certified by Nautilus and Body Tech Association. Wayne was named one of the Top 100 Power Lifters in the U.S. by the United States Power Lifting Federation, and was also a national-level Body Builder and Special Olympics Power Lifting Coach. 

Hall is certified in strength and conditioning coaching, sports nutrition, sports exercise, group resistance training and exercise for stress. He served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Mount Zion Christian Academy Basketball Team from 1997- 2000, where the team ranked in the top 10 nationally for all 3 years. In 1997, the team, featuring Tracy McGrady, was ranked #2 in the nation. As a result of McGrady’s success under Wayne’s training, Hall continued to personally train McGrady’s for over 12 years in the NBA. 

In 2014, Wayne brought his philosophy and training system to Shaw University as the Assistant Basketball Coach and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. The Shaw Bears went to the CIAA Tournament Quarterfinals in 2015, then in 2016 Shaw Bears won the CIAA Southern Division Title which had not been done in 5 years, where the coaching staff credited Hall’s strength and conditioning techniques for the team’s successes. 

Wayne Hall has worked alongside many established Strength and Conditioning Coaches including:

• Ron Diangelo – Former Toronto Raptors Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Butch Carter – Toronto Raptors Head Coach
• Johnny Davis – Orlando Magic Head Coach
• David Macha – Houston Rockets Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Anthony Falsone – Former Houston Rockets Strength and Conditioning Coach and current Houston Rockets center, Yao Ming’s, Personal Trainer
• Nik Popvic – 2008 Australian Olympic Team Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Brian Goorjian – 2008 Australian Olympic Team Head Coach and the most successful Coach in Australian Basketball history
• Pat Zipfel –  Houston Rockets Basketball Scout
• Gary Hazelwood – Chief Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and Scout for Velocity Sports Performance

Hall continues to train professional and college athletes to peak physical condition. Continuing to lead the industry in new ways to make each athlete the best he or she can be.  

Contact Wayne at: ‭(713) 732-7516‬ or waynehall23@gmail.com

Pam LeNormand,

Elite trainer Pam LeNormand has trained and studied under Wayne Hall for over 10 years. Under his tutelage, she’s learned the fundamentals of strength and conditioning training for novices and athletes. Through her work with Wayne, she has honed her skills as a athletic trainer – working with clients to achieve their fitness, speed and agility goals. At Hall Strengths, Pam is also helping people in all walks of life workout and learn to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and weight loss guidance. 

Pam is passionate about health and fitness and holds over 19 years of experience in the fitness industry. LeNormand has trained many athletes from the high school to collegiate level, and has help Hall train collegiate athletes to the next level. Pam has worked with many clients to decrease their weight and eliminate the need for medications. 

LeNormand attended Louisiana State University and has received her Personal Training Certification , from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Pam is also a level 1 (USAW) USA Weightlifting Coach. She is certified in sports nutrition, sports exercise, group resistance training, exercise for stress and as a cycling instructor. 

Hall has created a proven system of fitness training that has garnered great results for beginners, weekend warriors as well as athletes. Together, she and Wayne have brought the Hall Strengths system to individuals striving to look and feel better.

Contact Pam at: p_lenormand@hotmail.com